Saturday, May 27, 2006

Birthday Time!!

Who knows what makes birthdays so special?

Is it the new clothes?

Or the cake?

Or the pile of presents?

Or the satisfied sleep once the excitement is all over?

Happy Birthday to our little one...
who continues to bring smiles into our lives. We love you.
Please visit Iman's website (linked to this page) to see all the birthday pictures.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Why women make better mothers...

Reason # 1

We know not to give the baby a snack right before dinner time.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

All sorted out!

We've got the venue...
The guests have been invited...
The menu is set...

Iman's Birthday is this Friday!!


Monday, May 15, 2006

A Mother's Day Story For All Hearts

I met a mom today who touched my heart in many ways. She had courage and faith and endless love for her child. Her story brought tears to my eyes but strength to my soul. For as long as I live, this story will stay in my heart.

I have a student in my grade 5 class. His kidney’s failed when he was a baby. He needs a catheter to empty his bladder every 5 hours. He can’t play like little boys, he can’t swim or take part in aggressive sports. He’s weak and frail, and sometimes because of his little “accidents” he is the aim of all rude comments and jokes from the other kids.

But he is strong. He laughs and makes jokes. He is polite and well mannered. He is smart and very good at his work. He always comes to my desk in the morning and says hello. He tries his best to fit in, even when others try to push him away. He is doing everything he can to be a normal little boy.

Today I met his mom.

I told her that her son was one of my favorite students. I admired his strength and his struggle. I am proud of his work and his achievements. Then I said… it must be hard for you to have to see your son like this. The hospital visits, the medicines, the dialysis, the operations, the look in her son’s eyes. How does she find the strength for all this?

And she replied…

We don’t give life to our children. It is God who gives them life, so it is also God who can take it away. We need to have faith in his actions, because what happens to us and our loved ones is always in our best interest. Sometimes we can’t see the meaning of his actions, but in our hearts we can believe that he will never test us more than we can bear.

She said…

I am happy to have my son. I don’t know if he will wake up from his next operation or if he will graduate from high school or go to college or get married. I can’t predict his future, but I know one thing is true…

Every night I thank God for sending my little boy to me. No matter how long he is here for, I am glad I got a chance to get to know him.

Happy Mother's Day to all mom's and mom's to be.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Super Nanny Really Works!!

For those of you who don’t know the wonder woman… Supper Nanny is Jo Frost. She’s a Brit, who has her own TV show, and really knows how to lay down the law for kids. Her show… titled “Super Nanny” was aired in Dubai up until a few months ago.

It’s about troubled parents who have lost control of their kids. Super Nanny helps them put down firm ground rules, and start working together at being a healthy and happy family. Over the few months that we watched the show, we saw Super Nanny help countless moms turn their tears into smiles. She worked miracles with even the worst kids, and the best part is… all the advice that she gave out was realistic, and we felt we could use it too!

Super Nanny’s magic charm was the “Naughty Chair”. She told parents to keep a chair in a visible part of the house and tell the kids that this was the “naughty chair”, and if they misbehave, they will be placed on it. The rule is that when your child misbehaves, you make eye contact and give them a warning. If the behavior is repeated, you place the child on the chair for the same amount of minutes as their age. So a 2 year old would sit for 2 minutes, and after the time was over, the parent who punished the child would ask for an apology. (In case you’re wondering what to do if the child keeps getting off the chair, you put them right back on.)

While we were watching the show, Omair and I thought that this would never work with us. We thought that every time we put Iman on the “naughty chair” she would keep coming off. I can’t imagine a 2 year old sitting down for 2 while minutes against their will.

So here’s our Super Nanny story…

Yesterday Omair was showing Iman a video on our digital camera. While she was watching herself on the little screen, she started getting goofy and was mishandling the camera. So I came down to her level, made eye contact, and in a firm voice, told her sit down and look at the video, otherwise the camera would break. She went and sat down, but a little while later; she got back up and started swinging the camera around again. This time before I could make it to her, the camera slipped from her hand and landed smack on the floor! For us this was a milestone moment, because we didn’t believe in using “active discipline” with Iman until now. Both Omair and I felt that there is no reason to punish a child who doesn’t know right from wrong. So here I was, looking into the huge eyes of my (almost) two year old, who was standing there quiet, because she knew what she had done was wrong. While maintaining eye contact, I told her that I had given her a warning, and now it was time to sit on the naughty chair (we had one, just never used it). I put her on… and she came off. So I put her on again, this time telling her that she will NOT get off until I come to get her. AND… she got up again! Soooo… I put her back again with the same warning. And this time… SHE STAYED ON!!

And after the grand 2 minutes, I asked her for an apology… and she said “Sorry Mommy” and then gave me hug.

Since then, she’s looked at the videos in the camera, but only sitting down.

I can’t believe it worked.

Friday, May 05, 2006

The other side

Yesterday I read a blog entry written by a daughter for her mother on her mother's birthday. It was strange, but satisfying to know that there are kids out there who love their parents despite all the mistakes that we (parent-kind) make.

She's written all kinds of "feel good" stuff. Here's some of it...

"She’s been my pillar of strength, first love, teacher, mentor, girlfriend, fashion consultant and designer, my cuddly teddy, shopping buddy, agony aunt, and my biggest fan!"

"...She knew how to not cross their space"
"...She never pried. Just silently waited for us to come and open up to her."
"...She created this bond of trust "

"...And despite the lack of restrictions, punishments and spankings, we are also afraid of her. Afraid of her disappointed silences."

"To the bestest ever mummy in the whole wide world, without whom I am nothing! The queen of my heart"

One day... years from now, I hope my daughter would feel the same way.