Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Remembering the first year...

When we brought Iman home, I remember looking at her sleeping for hours and wondering... "when will she wake up?"

Followed by a list of acheivement milestones... when will she smile? Laugh? Coo and Caa (baby talk)? When will she do anything??

Months 0-3 passed with us getting used to having her around. So many times we went out and left something of hers. Forgot to bring extra daipers, forgot extra clothes... once when we went for a doctor's appointment, we took her out of her carry cot and conveniently walked out without it!

It's a wonder we managed to remember her!

Months 3-6... Iman started to reach out and touch things. We have over 1 hour of footage on camera where Iman raises her hand... puts it back down. Raises her hand... puts it back down, raises her hand... puts it back down... then FINALLY after 15 minutes or so, she raises her hand and hits a toy that's hanging on the baby gym. WOW... you should have heard Omair and and me scream in excitement... "OH MY GOD!! Did you see that?? She touched it!! She really touched it!!

Months 6-9... She started crawling. Wow, it was so amazing to watch her scurry about on her fours. Minding her own business, discovering a whole new world. And teaching us the proper meaning of "baby proofing" our apartment.

Months 9-12... Iman started pulling herself up, she started crawl-climbing stairs and she started an attempt to feed herself. By this time she was babbling baby talk non stop. Needless to say... we really enjoyed the 2 naps she took during the day.

1 Year and beyond... Iman's a toddler now. She started walking and running soon after her 1st birthday. We also started seeing her likes and dislikes. Our daughter developed a personality. We saw her first temper tantrum and her budding sense of humor as she laughed endlessly while making silly faces in the mirror. I miss holding her a lot. Now if I hug her or want to cuddle she'll squirm until I set her down.

Her enthusiasm for life is contagious. She is always so curious, tries to stay awake as long as she can so she won't miss anything. Shows amazing signs of intelligence and laughs whole heartedly. I enjoy watching her while she's awake... but to be honest... I enjoy watching her sleep even more!