Thursday, September 06, 2007

Returning the Favor

Yesterday my neighbor asked if she could drop her 1 year old daughter at our place while he tied up a few loose ends at home. I've never watched someone else's child before, so it was strange for me, but since Iman goes over to play some times, I thought it wouldn't be fair for me to say no. And what the hell... If I can watch 2, I can watch 3. Right?

The play date/babysitting went fine. Iman did most of the entertaining, in fact I just sat and supervised the group. It was kind of fun. The neighbor baby can crawl, throw a ball, clap and chase after Iman, so it wasn't a surprise that Iman just took the lead, and thoroughly enjoyed the position of being "eldest". Ayzah was also happy to see someone else in the house acting silly. It was a good combination.

On the other hand, I sat there and contemplated the favor. I'm sure that when my neighbor asked me to watch her daughter, she probably thought that she wasn't asking anything out of the ordinary, since my daughter goes over to play at her place. But I guess the difference is that I don't consider Iman a child that needs constant supervision. She can entertain herself and is quite self sufficient when it comes to play time. The neighbor baby however, is at that age where she gets into everything, and has no sense of danger. So it's not an even trade... is it?

With all that said, it was still fun to watch the kids playing together. Kind of a glimpse of our future, where Iman and Ayzah will keep each other thoroughly entertained - I hope.


At 4:53 AM, Anonymous Huma said...

Then stop sending your kid to their place.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger TwinTopaz said...

Ahh..u disappointed me this time.. :(

At 5:09 AM, Blogger sara said...

i think your sentiments are understandable but at the same time, have the capacity to see where your neighbor is coming from. If your daughter has been there several times, there's no harm in watching her infant baby once.

it's important to have a big heart and recall how relieved you probably felt when iman was a baby and someone else could handle her for a few hours while you played catch up...


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