Sunday, December 17, 2006

What is it about Barney?

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, when normal people should be sitting in front of the TV (or reading a good book, what ever suits you)... Omair and I were battling a crowd of parents to get tickets for the Barney Musical Bonanza.

Since Iman is a big Barney fan, we couldn't let this "once in a lifetime" opportunity pass by. So there we were, in line for the show. There were so many parents and kids. I really didn't think that Barney had such a hold on our little UAE market as well. But as it turns out, not only did people know the purple dinosaur, they were willing to push and shove for him too!

Luckily we managed to get tickets, we made it inside, AND we managed to see the show! All the horrible lines and waiting aside, it was so cool to see Iman's face when she saw Barney.

What is it about him that has them so mesmerized?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Standing in line at McDonalds...

We were standing in line at McDonalds and I asked Iman...

“You want ice cream sundae?”
and she replied…

“I don’t want ice cream Sunday, I want it today.”