Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Almost there

Ayzah has been shifting and moving a lot over the past few days. Yesterday she managed to get a "half roll" in there. I thought I was excited, but Iman was even more overjoyed. I think for the first time she realized that Ayzah would grow up and eventually become a kid, and in time, someone she can play with.


At 8:19 AM, Blogger Mona said...

aww, she's such a cutie. mA. and hey i just got your emails that you sent out when i was india. i never saw them until today when i was cleaning out my inbox. don't know how i missed them. oh well.
i'll reply this afternoon, if you still need the info.

At 4:57 PM, Anonymous mayya said...

4 months already??!!!!
time flies
Adorable mashAllah

At 11:34 PM, Blogger jammie said...

we will hit our three month mark on the 25th and his head almost (but not quite stable) and my heart gives a flip everytime he is able to lift his head from his tummy position to look at me when im speaking :) cant wait for him to sit up!!

At 3:39 AM, Blogger Lorraine said...

Oh, that baby girl just gets cuter and cuter!


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