Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Having to eat your own words

I’ve been told that I should never threaten my child with something unless I know I can act on it. As Iman turned into a toddler there were several occasions where I WANTED to say… “stop that or else the goat will come and take you away” (she has a fear of goats) or… “If you don’t stop spilling water on the floor I am NEVER going to give you a bath again!” and those horrible days when she would spray her food all over me and herself, I would want to say… “Ok, that’s it! I’m never going to feed you again!”


You can’t threaten your kids unless you’re going to act on it. Otherwise, they know you’re just kidding, and they’ll get away with anything.

So we made a rule. If we ever threaten Iman with something, we’re going to follow through on our word. And if we know that we can’t comply, we’re simply not going to use that threat at all!

All that was good, until yesterday. I went out shopping with Iman, knowing that it’s impossible to keep a toddler in control when there are SO many exciting things to touch and see. I tried EVERYTHING in the book. I handed her something to play with, I gave her paper and pencil to write on, I even tried to engage her in what I was doing. But no avail. So finally after running after her, telling her to sit down for the millionth time AND THEN, watching her squiggle her way out and run away again… I made the stupidest threat ever!

I got down to her level, looked her straight in the eye and in a serious tone, I said… “You keep running away from me and I am not happy with this behavior, so I am going to leave you here and go away.”

She looked me smack in the eye, smiled and said, “ok, byeeee!” waved, turned around and walked away.


At 4:26 PM, Blogger bakpakchik said...


OMIGOD! that's so funny.

Okay, one day i too will have a little one, so let me not incur the wrath of HInamommy.

BTW, found that amazing post i told oyu about:

Read and weep. Makes me want to get pregnant \RIGHT NOW.

At 5:45 PM, Anonymous D said...

Oh dear, I'd better keep this VERY short, because you DO NOT want to get me started on the subject of parents who make wildly inappropriate, if not downright sadistic threats to their children.

But anyway, don't be hard on yourself. You're allowed to make the odd mistake here and there. And Iman's still at the age where she won't remember your goof-ups.

At 6:26 PM, Blogger mayya said...

Iman is scared of goats and yet not scared enough of leaving mum and exploring the world on her 20-month-old-own?

That is one heck of a babe! :D you should be proud of her

At 9:35 PM, Blogger Lorraine said...

Oh, so true! True that we parents oughtn't go shooting off our mouths and true that our children will call our bluff every time!

At 8:02 AM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Oh how funny! I'm sure it wasn't funny to you at the time, but you must admit, you'll both laugh about it together one day. Especially when you see her with her own child one day having just as tough a time as you were having.

At 2:09 PM, Blogger jammie said...

i hadn't been to your blog in quite a qhile so thorughly enjoyed myself with the last 3-4 posts since your vacation one. :) i think i was actually laughing aloud.

doesnt writing give so much value an dperspective to things which would otherwise turn into ordinary everyuday blahs? glad you are doing this. and im glad im waiting it out to get to this stage coz i think when im there, ill love it too much to do anything else. :)
and good to know your blog is up. itll be better to read than "what to expect when youre expecting" ehehe.

At 6:34 PM, Blogger hinan said...

hi hina,
i came across this blog just by accident yesterday and i m glad i did... let me introduce myself - i m hina from india - a 3 month ols mom. i have a son - aadit. u write really well - i hv enjoyed reading abt ur daughter...


At 2:22 PM, Blogger Hina said...

Thank you all for visiting.

bpc, remember that when your kids are at this age, mine will be older and self suffecient Bahahahahahahaahaha!

d, the rule still stands in our house. We are never making threats we can't follow through on (or at least we're trying)

Mayya, cute things scare her and scary things excite her... go figure!

Lorraine, I think as they get older they can actually "look out" for our bluffs, or actually try to push us over the edge!

Elizabeth, good thing is that after these embarrassing moments (everyone at the store had a good laugh on our account), we can still manage to come home and laugh about it with each other.

Jammie, glad to see that you're back. DEFINATELY wait to have kids. Once they're here, your life will never be the same.

hinan, cool! we have the same name! Ha ha ha ha, the little things that excite me! Welcome to your world. Hope to see you here often! You can see pics of Iman on her website. Link is on the blog.


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