Sunday, February 11, 2007

And then there were two!

Sorry for the delay. I took this picture a long time ago, but things were so hectic at home that only got the chance to post it up now.

We're really enjoying the wait for the baby birds to hatch. Iman's excitement has been infectious and Omair and I can't help but get caught up in the whirlwind of it all. As a token of our appreciation and support towards Mr. and Mrs. Bird we've set out a bowl of food and water for them and their growing family (Iman's idea). Now we're just waiting for the big day!


At 7:11 PM, Blogger Dariush Alavi said...

Oh my goodness, this is too unreal! You realise Iman is probably never going to forget this for the rest of her life!

At 4:29 AM, Blogger Asma said...

subhanAllah, that's so precious

At 11:09 PM, Blogger Lorraine said...

This is exciting!

At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Dena said...

This is a wonerful thing for Iman to see and very exciting. When my 3 children were little we had a Mommy Robin build a nest in our kitchen window. The children loved to get on a step stool to see how the eggs and then baby birds were doing. They got to see them take there first flight.


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